Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Hi everyone
just wanted to make a post for my crafty buddy Debs, I know a lot of people follow her as FRECKLEFACE, but over the weekend she recieved an email and has been forced to change her name ;-(
she spent most of her time  yesterday trying to sort it and has had to change her URL.
This is her new one if you could please pop over to her and show some love...she a little stressed with it all.
thank you so much for reading
hugs xoxo


debs said...

cheers chick..much appreciated :-)..oh btw i may have spent (cough)£50 in the bad place the other day..oops..:-)

Lindsey said...

You could claim for that Debs....it was the emotional trauma inflicted on you by the "third party" that made you do it!


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