Friday, 20 November 2015

Snowy Fairytale Bridge....

Hi guys how are you?.... Well I'm slowly getting back into the colouring now , and trying to prepare for Christmas and all the  school activities which are coming up, but I love it. I have wanted to have a change of media so I just used a regular 4B pencil and made the Fairytale bridge into a snowy scene... I also added a few of the Large Pine Tree's.... 

It can be quite difficult to colour white as it's more the shadows you have to work out... but it was fun , and if my family get there way and I have to tidy the Dining room table ( where I work) there might be more sketch style images coming up..........  but I think I might try and sneak a few things out... Sssshhhh!

Well thank you again for stopping by
 Big Hugs

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