Wednesday, 3 June 2009

new blog

Hi there again i know i'm a bit mad and this is a bit early but i'm trying to be organized, i have just set up another blog about ten minutes ago especially for 'that season' so if you feel like being festive pop yourself on my new blog and get organized, as i say only did it tenn mins ago so no cards on yet just thought of the idea try and get somthing on later today.... here's my new blog Kaylou's christmas
thanks for visiting please come over and visit me
hugs xoxo


freckleface said...

fab idea .. mmmm .. xmas well i spose if i eva finish those wedding invites .. and by the way ive left you something on my page :-P

freckleface said...

me again hope the wedding went ok, my blogs not working properly all the writing comments have disappeared and also cant read any comments anyone leaves but not sure how to report/fix :-(


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