Tuesday, 24 November 2009

an award

Morning all, just recieved this award from Debs aka frecklface.... thankyou Debs! Here are a few questions that go with the award ... you must answer with only one word.. here goes....

where is your cell phone? charging

hair? naff

mother? working

father? working

favourite food? chocolate

dream last night? no

favourite drink? baileys

dream goal? weightloss!!!

what room are you in? living room

your hobby? crafting :)

your fear? snakes

where do you want to be in 6 years? craft room

where were you last night? home

something you arn't? singer!!!

muffins? chocolate

wish list item? distress inks

where did you grow up? Barnsley

last thing you did? school run

what are you wearing? jeans

your tv? on

your pets? goldfish

your friends? hilarious

your life? fab

your mood? concentrating

missing someone? yes

vehicle? no

something your not wearing? wellies..

favourite store? Pollycraft

favourite colour? lots

last time you laughed? yesterday

last time you cried? yesterday (onions)

best friend? Freckleface

one place you go over and over? school

someone who emails you regular? no

favourite place to eat? home

facebook? yes

I now have to pass this on to three more people..... sorry if yoy already have one..

June aka yorkie lover

Mina pinkpuds

Diane pinksunflower

thanks for stopping and have a graet day.....

hugs Kaylou xoxo

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