Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Make it Crafty- Stumpy Fungi House

Hi there, Wow can I just say a massive thank you to everyone for your amazing comments you have left on my blog and on the Facebook group for the Kingfisher I coloured, and I'm so glad you liked my tutorial, I will definately do some more now I know you like them and can follow the process.

Today I will share with you my Stumpy fungi house from Make it crafty


One of my favourite things to colour with ball point pens is trees and big So I guess that would be good for another tutorial...
The background on this one has been done with pastels as it'a an A4 size picture and it's such a big area to do with ball points... To create the background I started at the bottom and worked my strokes up and the from the top down and just used a paper stump to even the blending.... which works perfectly for the blending different colour families challenge over on Make it Colourful

Thank you so much again for stopping by
 See you again real soon

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Jenna H. said...

That is so cute! i love it!!!!
-Jenna <3
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