Sunday, 8 April 2012

Are Gargoyles.... Grotesque?

Evening  crafty peeps.... it's a late posting  for me tonight.... I have been playing around again in  my journal trying out different things.... there's no method to my journalling... only madness...ha haa but then you knew that already. Most of the things I have been doing are  quotes or things  I like or just random things that happen through the day.....
Here is one of my likes..... Gargoyles or is it a Grotesque?  Do you know the difference? I do.!

I painted the background with acrylic paint and I added some lumiere paint to highlight....hmmm not the best idea, I got the colour I wanted but the sheen of the paint makes it quite difficult to add anything else over it. Lesson learned I think!
I printed out the Gargoyle and promarker'd it and  pasted it on with a gel medium.

righty-ho that's me almost done for the night, I have a few more page idea's buzzing around my head, thank you all so much for your fab comments I really do appreciate them.
Big Hugs
Kaylou xx

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